• Sonite Wax

Sonite Wax


Paste Wax Sealing Agent

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Sonite® Wax is a soft paste wax suitable for sealing porous surfaces prior to applying Smooth-On mold rubber. Sonite® Wax will aid in releasing mold rubber from a variety of model surfaces and can be used for other industrial applications. Application of a mold release agent may be necessary after Sonite® Wax has dried. Consult technical bulletin of mold rubber product for complete details.


What’s new about Sonite® Wax? Compared to the original formulation, Sonite® Wax offers the following:

  • Better Performing Formulation
  • Less Solvent – Higher % Solids
  • Low Odor
  • Non-Flammable
  • Easier To Apply
  • Faster Drying