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Kairos Creations Blood “Original”


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Kairos Creations Blood under reasonable circumstances, is quite effectively non-staining. It launders well from machine washable fabrics and washes well from skin with just soap and warm water. (Wet wipes are not recommended for cleaning any bloods, as they have a propensity to set the pigment and cause potential staining). Porous surfaces like unfinished wood or crumbled concrete and difficult to wash materials such as silk or leather, may be more susceptible to potential staining. Spot testing should always be done before using in large quantities.

Kairos Creations Theatrical Stage Blood comes in 3 distinct colors and 2 viscosities. The Colors are “Original”, “Aged” and “Bright”. Viscostity is “Standard” and “Pumping”.

“Original” is a rich red color with a touch of a brown undertone.

“Standard” is full bodied and syrup like consistency. The viscosity is affected by temperature but is generally thicker and slower flowing than the pumping. It’s used extensively by the Special Effects, Props, and Set Decorating Departments.