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Coast Fiber-Tek Products Ltd. makes every effort to stock all of the products listed in the catalog below. However, supply and demand does not always allow for that. Also with the ever changing environment that we exist in, new products become available that we have not been able to include in our catalog. Therefore, if you cannot find the product that you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to be of assistance.

Please see Coast Fiber-Tek Products Ltd. terms and conditions for payment terms, warranty, returns and shipping policies.

Polyester Resins / Catalysts / Putty Epoxy Resins / Putty
Fiberglass Materials Gelcoats / Pigments
Smooth On Products Latex Rubber
Fillers US Gypsum Casting Materials
Solvents Polyurethane Foam
Waxes & Spray Releases Tools & Misc. Items
Books Vacuum Bagging Materials
BJB Products Safety Supplies
The Monster Makers Products Chavant & J-Mac Products



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